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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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n so many of you are just trying to get out the door and get to your destination on time. lets go out to storm scan three. we have a slow creep northward here, with that moisture overtaking the first state right now into cape may county cumberland, starting to see very first flakes here. we will be relying upon our weather watcher network in these count toys give us a good idea how things are looking in these neighborhood but we know this will be with you at least through the rest of the morning. we have good shot to pick up some good accumulations here through southern most delaware especially but in through say southern new jersey as well as kent and new castle counties, in delaware probably one to 3 inches will fall. depending on your location you may in the see much of anything. now you could end up with a couple stray snow showers to the far western suburbs and lehigh valley but it will not accumulate much. maybe a flurry in the poconos. the it is another upside down systems. steady light the snow will reach city and suburbs,
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immediate suburbs but most accumulation you'll find delaware and southern most new jersey. one to 3 inches locally in sussex county as much as five. meanwhile your temperatures are standing in the the 20's generally or just below freezing in philly. we have winter weather advisories posted here all in the purple, northern delaware southern new jersey, winter weather advisory but straight up winter storm warning heading further south the where rich moisture is located. this morning it depend on where you're traveling what you'll find out there, dry road if you get to i80 but further south we will have to deal and contend with some snow. so that may very well lead to my collogue vittoria's report. over to you, my friend. >> true that katie. good morning everyone. i think we will wait and see how things develop. right now we are seeing in the cameras shots is that traffic is beautiful. really in traffic to speak of. let get outside and take a beautiful bird eye view of i-95 this is i-95 traveling
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around 452 and if you are traveling in and around this area there are in delays or problems. a as katie was saying heading further south into delaware you will notice that that snow could affect your commute this morning but right the now it looks like around 452 is that we're so far so good. moving to the roosevelt boulevard, no delays here as well in either direction to and from 76 in and out of the north east you look great. burlington bristol bridge in standing by for an opening. expect a a closure and try to plan accordingly. watch out for construction in new jersey on the northbound side of the black horse pike at route 130, left lane will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. no delays for mass transit, ukee. as katie mentioned the shore could see the the most snow as this storm system push's credits our area. on the eye on the storm coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch on his way down the shore in the cbs-3 mobil weather lab hey justin good morning. >> reporter: ukee, yes right now on the 42 freeway approaching washington
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township. our eventual approach will be to atlantic city. i want to show you the road to see how it is looking. perhaps you can see brine marks on the road here. work has been done here in southern new jersey that is expecting the storm today, up to and between one and 4 inches of snow forecast for this area here. this is the time to get on you if you can, to get out early and beat that snowfall. traffic has been great this morning as vittoria has said. no cars on the road out here. as you can see road when you get out at this time you will have mostly to yourself out here this morning. again, the the forecast for the the snow is set to get at its highest during our rush hour between 6:00 and 10:00 this morning. if you want to beat potential hazards you want to get out as soon as you can. i can tell you that the roads out here i have not seen too many ice patches out here. you still want to be safe most of the ice we saw from previous storms does not
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appear to be on the roads due to treatment, and also traffic on the roads out here but it really does look nice. i would say if you want to head out and beat the a headache, now is the time to do it. back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks, buddy. stay ahead of the conditions with the cbs philly weather app. track snow on live radar and end is us pictures when the snow starts to fall in your neighborhood. down load the the app on itunes as well as google will play erika. >> ukee, thank you. more on breaking news right now a busy night for philadelphia police. they are investigating three separate shootings that have killed three people. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from police headquarters as investigators sort out exactly what happened here jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning,er contact a very violent overnight here in philadelphia, four people shot at three different locations and three of those people are dead this morning. take a look at the video, most recent shooting is a double homicide, that happened just
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after 2:00 a.m. two men were shot on the 2700 block of latona street in grays ferry. one man was shot in the head other shot in legs and both have died. police found nine shell casings at the scene and they have recovered two guns. one of those guns was found on one of the victims at the hospital. police say it is unclear if the victims were actually shooting at each other, take a listen. >> based on ballistics evidence on the scene we know that at least nine shots were fired from the semiautomatic weapon. we found nine spent shell casings, all in very close proximity to where both of these victims were laying on the highway which is an indication that the shooter was in very close proximity to both of these vick times. >> now first shooting was just after 11:30 last night in the 200 block of west moreland street in fair hill. police found a 34 year-old woman shot in the driver's seat of the car.
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police say that car had run in three other park cars on the block. woman was transported to temple where she was pronounced dead. police say 11 shots were fired at the scene no suspect description or motive but police have found surveillance cameras in the a area then just before 2:00, two men walk in the 12th district police headquarters in southwest philadelphia, one was shot in the head just a grace wound though. that victim tells police he was approached by two men at 67th and guyer avenue and told to give up his car. he was shot when he tried to drive away, police say he he is expected to survive. police do not believe that any of these shootings are related but if they need help, in these cases if you have any information, give them a call. all of these cases are under investigation. we are reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". eric torres trial continues in the philadelphia courtroom today. he is charged with shooting officer edward davies in
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august 2013. it happened as police were trying to arrest torres in the feltonville store. officer davies lost a kidney. torres attorney calls the shooting accidental. an official investigation is underway into the the cause of this two alarm fire in bucks county. flames broke out around 7:00 last night at spencer's landscaping company in humeville. the building is destroyed but fortunate thely no one was injury. the building overrer told "eyewitness news" that an employee was inside working on machinery when something spark it and ignited the fire. police in berks county are asking for public helps's wanted for six attempted lurings over the past month. police say math in this composite sketch tried to grab a female middle school student as she waited for her bus in reading yesterday. now this same man is accused of trying to lure will children, five girls and one boy in burn township woomissing, schillington and spring township. fbi a arrest three men they say were planning to
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travel to syria to wage war against the you had. "eyewitness news" reporter, nicole brewer joins with us local ties to some of the suspects nicole. >> reporter: three suspects are actually from brooklyn but an arrest affidavit reveal two men have a direct connection to philadelphia investigators say 30 year-old abror habibov owned a kiosk inside a philadelphia mall an 19 year akhror saidakhmetov work there in the 2014. after ago rested in new york and in florida, both were formally charged in federal court alongside 24 year-old abdurasul juraboev. now all are accused of being aspiring jihad, with plans to travel to syria to join isis but officials say if they could not get there they had plans to wage war right here in the u.s. >> they were seeking to acquire weapons here handguns machine guns, and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> the fbi says social media
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played a big role in recruitment for the terror group. right now all three are being held, without bail they face up to 15 years in prison but definitely this one hits uncomfortably close to home. >> got that right, okay nicole, thank you. three-year old elinor trotta is back home after her father took off with the little girl prompting an amber alert. "eyewitness news" spoke to elinor's mother. find out what she had to say about the situation. we also have an eye on this storm, a a live look at ocean city courtesy of skies cam three. katie will tell us which area will see snow and when you can expect it to be overall coming up. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength.
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we are keeping an eye on the storm system as snow moves through the area. our weather team is tracking the storm and will give you an update on the information in just a minute.
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but first three-year old he will inner trotta is safe at home in new castle delaware after she was abducted by her father n a story we had first on three the girl and her father michael trotta were subject of the amber alert on monday. authorities say trotta assaulted her mother, dawn barkas and then kidnaped elinor. >> she's glad to be home. that is all she kept saying since i found her last night since i was reunited she kept asking when are we going home, when are we going home. >> the the girl's father was arrested without incident and awaiting extradition from massachusetts. 5:13. we will get traffic and weather together. when do you think it will affect us, katie. >> it depend whether you see any impact at all actually because further north you go you might see a couple snow flakes or shower but won't accumulate much of anything. that in essence isn't really an impact other than you look out the window and say that looks pretty. but if you have to go out in some of this this could trip you up.
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let us walk you through it, we will start off with a tighter zoom to show you the system in the entirety in the second but it is obvious where this is coming from. it is all moving in slowly from the south and there is definitely moisture to work with. even though this is relatively a quick hitter it will have a chance to dump a decent amount of snow depending on your location. depending where you live you might in the see much of anything. looking at this bulk of moisture gist off to the south as we expect it would be. now as we go through the day here specifically the morning drive, base i on your location this is what you're looking at, red light yellow light or green light. delaware southern new jersey and also a slick travel. that its where you need to slow down and give yourself the time. so hard to get out the door on time, isn't it. this is one of those days where you might be late. philadelphia and suburbs it is mainly snow showers but at this point it is not going to get underway for an hour or two if in the longer.
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it would be tail even of the morning drive and further northwest, lehigh valley poconos, it is just a couple flurries. here's how that all pans out on our exclusive weather snowfall map. poconos, lehigh valleys are barely in this map. it is all about southern new jersey and delaware specifically sussex county where we will even up with a sweet the spot of three to 5 inches and maybe maybe up to an inch in philadelphia it will have to stop pretty quickly. we will not have a wide opened window of opportunity for snow here in philadelphia it comes through relatively quickly and then out of here. come tomorrow we are still in the 20's. sunday we have a new system coming our way. maybe vittoria, by sun take night a wintry mix heading our way. over to you. something to look forward to? >> maybe ahead to. >> maybe ahead. >> i really didn't know what to say a at all. >> good morning everyone. travel out and about it is pretty nice on the majors as katie said, we are waiting for
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tail even of the rush hour as i was listening to see some of that precipitation. we are still in the clear. looking at schuylkill expressway in delays in either direction. this shot around girard. it doesn't matter if you are traveling around center city western suburbs inn it is clear and free. using the vine street expressway whether you are heading toward i-95 and schuylkill, east or westbound it is a breeze. burlington bristol bridge is opened for a test run so just expect a closure of that major at this point of that bridge at this point and plan accordingly. traveling on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike, it is a construction zone there active blocking the the right-hand lane but no delays on the majors and mass transit looks just fine erika. >> thanks so much. updating our breaking news a violent night on the streets of philadelphia, one woman was kill in the shooting in north philadelphia a investors collect ten shell casings at that scene. two more people were shot and killed in grays ferry.
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another man was wounded in a southwest philadelphia shooting. in one was hurt but a bucks county landscaping business is destroyed after this huge fire. chopper three over hume villas night. the owner tells "eyewitness news" an employee was working on machinery when a spark ignite that had fire. three men plot to go travel to the middle east and join isis have been arrested. two of them have ties to philadelphia. investigators say that one of them ran mall kiosk in our area another one work at one of them. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, today is a a big day of the future of the internet. >> how today's decision from the ftc could impact how you get on l line every day. we will be right back.
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expect when we do traffic and weather together on the three's coming up in a few minutes. new this morning mar juan ace now legal, just a few hours away from philadelphia. at midnight pot became legal in washington d.c. you are allowed to have 2-ounces or less of marijuana, share an ounce with someone else or grow up to six plants. it is still illegal to sell the drugs or smoke them in public in the nation's capitol. a big decision today in the future of the internet ftc will vote on net neutrality. the government want greater authority to treat internet service like a public utility. that means your broad band provider could not block or showdown your access to the internet. it means that broad band companies could not charge companies like netflix and added fee to a fast lane that moves content faster. also today senate is expected to pass a bill to fund the department of home land security avoiding a partial shut down of the agency. senate republicans have now back off attempts to tie the
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measure to the roll back of president obama's executive action on immigration. the the legislation will have to pass through the g.o.p. controlled house before reaching the president's desk. the deadline tomorrow at midnight. our time is 5:20. we have an eye on the weather system this morning, parts of our area could expect snow later on. >> live look at ocean city of course courtesy of sky cam three. we will let you what areas could get hit and how much snow we are expecting. nothing falling right now but just wait, we will be
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let's get the latest on the system moving our way. >> ukee, it will be basically clipping us rotate ago way from the mid-atlantic coastline. that is where the brunt of the storm is hitting right new but we're close enough in southern delaware and southern new jersey, you will find at least something that you may want to shovel away here.
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at least it is delaying you. we will she you view on storm scan 3a wide zoom to show you the entirety rain/snow line over north carolina generally speaking. we are looking at straight up snow out of this. you can tell even they there was a bit of in mixing earlier on it is all turning to snow. we will a accumulate some of it. we have winter weather advisories in the purple a warning for sussex county three to 5 inches the spectation there but one to three otherwise in the counties in purple. philadelphia county is not included this time. meanwhile lets go out toward, what you can expect for the rest of the day here at least the morning drive, snow covered roadways where the snow hits. remember not everyone will find this reduced visability is a problem and slow travel and slick travel as well depending on where you are, going to be heading here today. the as we go through next couple of days, well, i'm confident at this point that the next three taste are the the last days we will see in the 20's.
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that is the hope as we look to sunday. 37 degrees easing up to the mid 40's come monday but we will track a new system at that point . looking ahead to tuesday, maybe a little chillier out there but we should see a nice surge of warmth by next mid week. it may come with rain but we will see. >> that is something we could look forward to, katie. >> for sure. >> good morning, everyone. you can look forward to the great commute so far, katie said we are waiting for precipitation but through the camera shots right new in the traffic center it is fantastic. this is 42 freeway right around 295 if you are traveling in either direction north and southbound we seem to be moving extremely well and all of our new jersey majors are moving well. here's i-95 traveling around broad street, exiting to and from broad not a problem and it doesn't matter where you are traveling on i-95 around south philadelphia, center city, bucks county and delaware it is fantastic with no delays. traveling the burlington
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bristol bridge you can and now it was recently opened but it has been put back into place. good to go there. moving to take a look at construction traveling in delaware route 100 is closed as a result of construction between kirk wood highway and new road. they are doing some bridge repairs, no delays however for mass transit ukee. thanks vittoria. in sports sixers will will try to break a five game losing streak when they take on the wizard at the the well in south philadelphia last night. last night a familiar face otto posing side. michael carter williams visited with the sixers before the the start of last night ease game in milwaukee. sixers traded mcw to the bucks last night and he played his first game since. he had seven points, eight a assists, bucks beat the the sixers 104-88. flyers take on the mapel leafs tonight in toronto. steve mason is back with the team. he will backup rookie rob zepp tonight. the anthony stolers, head back
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to the phantoms. erika, back to you. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" an extremely violent night in philadelphia, three people dead and several shootings around the city, we will have a live report. plus the parents of the trayvon martin speaking out about the justice department's recent finding that there was in the enough evidence that george zimmerman killed trayvon martin because of his race. how they feel about that decision. we have got an eye on this latest storm, more on when the the winter wet ther will move in and who will be affect by it, we will be right back.
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we are tracking snow. nothing on the roads just yet but we will let you know when it is expect to hit and how much will fall depending on where you are. >> also a violent night in philadelphia where four people were shot, in three separate
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shootings around the city. we will have a live report in a bit. we are following these stories very closely but first lets get a check of the weather systems moving our way. >> katie is in the weather system with the latest on that. >> good morning, guys. this storm system is having a big impact on the atlantic coastline specifically down through carolinas and virginias but we are right on the edge, cusp because there is so much moisture witt a and because it is moving in with poor timing b you know it does bring us some impact that will mess with us here this morning. we will show you what is shaping upright now, and the rain snow line has been moved to the south. when we zoom in here what you will fine is that perhaps over the last few hours there may have been a very modest mixing taking place, as cold's air gets wrapped in, all starting to fade away. it is basically a snow producer at this point. although at this point we have
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been checking with our eyewitness weather watcher network and folks living down south and southern most counties and we are not finding too many snow reports. let us know what you see, either via a twit error in our network we'd love to hear from you. this is expectation as to how much we will find by the time it is all said and done. mess of the snow falling this morning. we expect to see a quick coating, perhaps, up to an inch around philadelphia but you do have winter weather advisories posted for locations picking up one to 3 inches and winter storm warning in sussex county delaware specifically. thursday travel in philadelphia specifically, this is specific to the city snow showers slick travel this morning so we will call it a red light for you. afternoon not terrible. as we go into the the evening as temperatures have a chance to decline there may be icy spot so we will give you a caution light there. as the day goes on regional we expect temperatures in the upper 20's but in philadelphia we can shoot


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